Logistic Filing

Logistic Filing Intern

Job description
Organisation: ACTED

Department: Logistics

Position: Logistic Filing Intern

Direct hierarchy: Logistics Officer

Contract duration: 1 month

Location: Amman, Jordan

Starting date: 17 Sep 2017 (or as soon as possible)

The Logistic Intern is responsible creating a comprehensive filing system and organising existing files. He/She also participates in the improvement of procedures and their implementation of logistic systems in accordance to the global logistic manual.

Organizing logistic filing and operational support.
Sort and organise hard copy tender files
Create new filing system for hard copy files
Locate and eliminate materials from files upon request from authorized users.
Sort material in accordance with filing system used.
Filing / File management (including file opening and closing).
Modify or improve filing systems or implement new filing systems.
Inspect the filing section periodically to ensure records are categorized properly and are being maintained in a good condition.
Keeps records of materials removed, and traces missing records by searching files on a file map.
Update the soft copy folders located on public server.
Locate missing documents and scan missing documents
Present new systems to the other members in logistic team.

Participation in defining and improving logistical proceduresÂ
Establishment of procedures provided by the Logistics Coordinator for its area Country
Monitoring the application of logistic procedures on the basis of its area
Improving logistic processes, and compliance in accordance to the global logistic manual.

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